This site has become active through several issues raised within the book ‘ A BIRD IN A CAGE AND A TIN OF PAINT’ People have commented about several issues and asked if there was a forum to discuss or get out of their system the issues they held inside for so long.

I don’t hold to having any answers for folk, I don’t even have some of the answers about my own troubled past. What we can do is, as a hurting community, breath some life into healing that comes when a slate is washed clean, a cobweb is dusted away and a heart is made to beat again. Lets not be a confessional people that have to be penanced  We are the victims of others and need to come to the reality of being believed and helped as true human beings.

The love of my wife and my faith helped give me the strength to face and then write about my issues. I hope these blogs will help others on their journey towards justification.

Chris Stewart

You can buy the book directly from McQueen Publishing here.

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