Surviving Child Abuse: A Bird in a Cage and a Tin of Paint

How can I write about child abuse as only a victim?

I will tell you how. It has taken me all my life, almost 60 years, to come to terms with, deal with and then finally let it out for others to read. I have the right, no demand the right to tell others, This was my childhood that I never had, my life and I had to keep it all to myself. I thought it was a punishment for me being evil, a justifiable one according to the perpetrator. The one person who should have loved me and saved me from a living hell was the one who created it for me. I cried long and hard as a child but only to myself and my maker. If only I had cried out to others then perhaps it would not have happened. I have cried out in my book silently but loudly enough for the world to read and hear.

I know that others may need a space to do the same, a space that I was never given for so long. This technology has made my words accessible where before my dyslexia prevented my words being heard by others. Please use the blog to be strong, bold and secure that letting out is also letting go. Begin the healing, ears are listening and words will be read by others that understand, have an empathy that only comes from knowing and being there. This was denied me for so long, so please use my experiences and site as a spring board to vault yourself back into a true and honest life again. You are beginning a healing and making whole process with each touch of the keyboard.

Chris Stewart

You can buy the book on Amazon here


3 thoughts on “Surviving Child Abuse: A Bird in a Cage and a Tin of Paint

  1. I’ll look up your book on Facebook and possibly contact you from there. You really MUST get your wife to show you at least how to login to your facebook account so you can check your own messages there etc. You can also message privately from there. You said the other day you had sent me an email. Well I don’t know where you emailed me from but I never got it. So maybe emailing via FB would help and then we can go from there.

  2. What you are doing with your book, and now your blog, is something so necessary. It’s what I am trying to do with my own blog and the book I’m writing, and in my Facebook group. There are so many of us who have been victimized as children, many by the persons they should have been able to trust the most (in my case, my father). Only by telling our own stories can we encourage others like us to do, what I call, come out from under. Kudos to you Chris!

    • Thank you vigaland. I really appreciate your support. All this high tech bloging and web pages was unknown to me last week! My book does have a Facebook page, thanks to my darling wife but I am not sure how to access it. Perhaps that’s next weeks lesson in cyber space? Please feel free to open doors and windows for me, the more light we can shed on the dark corners of our past the better. Once again many thanks and I send my love to you for all the work you are doing from this cold and wet land over the great pond! Chris Stewart

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