Child Abuse. A Bird in a cage and a tin of paint.

How can I write about child abuse as only a victim?

Maybe this blog site is for the ‘professionals’ who have to cope and deal with fractured, broken and hurting  lives. It might hold some  answers held secret from the victims only to be disclosed in academic readings or in University lecturer halls.

I have prayed that this site can be a forum for those caught up in other people’s tangled web of  immoral and illegal practice to vent or use as a release for the pain they see in others. I have been told by readers that my book has opened many different issues. One said she thought she knew of a child that was being abused. Then never quite knew what to do and only had suspicions. After reading my book she said she was horrified that such depth of  abuse could happen when the outside world ( like her) only had suspicions and inklings.  Perhaps discussion on a site like this could have prevented further abuse by giving the confidence to report.

Another reader stated that they suffered as a child but not as much as I. That said they still had a buried secret that was only shown the light after reading ‘A Bird in a Cage and a Tin of Paint’  They said that they were grateful to be able to voice their past then said they started to cry. Not with sadness but with a relief that at last they had told someone to trust, who would believe them and not ridicule or disbelieve.

Please use this blog to generate a debate around the opening up and healing process needed by all who have suffered Child Abuse.

Chris Stewart

You can buy the book on Amazon here


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