Dysfunctional families? A bird in a cage and a tin of paint

Living in a dysfunctional family with a disability and taking pain and abuse almost on a daily basis was my childhood  It took me 54 years to come to terms with, 5 painful years to write, almost 12 months to let Kindle publish it and now I have let go that part of my life that was locked and twisted inside my innermost being. My little book ‘A bird in a cage and a tin of paint’ is out there to help others like me, to prevent at least one other person from having to go through what I had to endure. Writing it cleared my soul but  was painful to relive. Now my faith is strong enough to endure anything life can throw at me. I don’t care, for my own self, if no one reads it but hope that every abuse sufferer reads it. Although we suffered alone we are not alone as suffers, believe me.

Chris Stewart.

You can buy the book on Amazon here


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